The story from Mugison

Me and papamug were drinking beer in London in the summer of 2003 while we were enjoying a music festival at the ICA. We started to imagine a festival in our little town located on the westest part of Iceland. We imagined that we would do a festival were local workers would sing, dj and entertain as they were the main attraction and we would get the biggest name in Icelandic music seen to support them. When we woke up the idea was still there so we called up some friends and to our surprise everybody was up for it. A guy called Ragnar (the singer in Trabant) loved the idea, he got everybody involved, we even talked to Bjork when we meet her down town when we were drunk.. she said we were cutie pies and for a long time we thought that was yes….


Now we got who knows how many acts performing and the entrance is free of charge. Everybody are giving their work in the name of good old fun.

Meira áhugavert efni