| þriðjudagur 26. febrúar 2013

2013 Announcement: First 8 bands

This year’s Aldrei fór ég suður is in its final preparation stages and for the tenth time we are very grateful in being able to serve up this feast of live performance. The baby keeps growing and this one will most likely be our biggest yet. As per usual our venue for 2013 is the magical KNH warehouse located at Grænigarður just off Skutulsfjarðarbraut. Our dates are firmly set at the friday 29. march and the following saturday 30. march.

A multitude of musicians have graced us with their presence for the past nine years; celebrities, local bands and all in between. This year’s musical blender will be no less spectacular. A celebration is in order for the amazing amount of support from the local community, musicians, fans, volunteers, press, and especially those who travel harsh landscape just to have a good time with friends and family.

The committee has come to its conclusions and we present to you the first third of musicians and bands to take the stage for 2013. More news will be piling up as the days count down.


Borko fronted by Björn Kristjánsson is the claimant of an album of the year award for his “Born to be Free” a powerful yet understated piece of indie rock. Borko is a well known patron of the festival and was last seen with the seminal FM Belfast. Our hearts and ears are ready and waiting.

Borko - Born to be Free 



A local Ísafjörður act taking the first steps towards global dominance. They have already asserted their arrival and we were helpless in the face of their musical determination to get some alternative rock on stage. We await with bated breath for these young musicians to perform.


Árni Grétar, best known under the pseudonym Futuregrapher, is an electronic musician that has firmly seated himself as the nominal Aphex Twin/Prodigy/Squarepusher of Iceland. He has become known for his great stage performance and jungle-esque dancing. Get ready for him and dance!

Futuregrapher - Think


Jónas Sig

He has swept us before and here we have him again. We are grateful being able to accept his phenomenal lyricity (yes you bet I just made that word up. He deserves no less.) and musicality to this year’s festival. His third solo album Þar sem himin ber við haf reached fourth place for the best new Icelandic album 2012.

Jónas Sig - Hafið er svart


Langi Seli

Iceland’s favorite rockabilly band is back. Don your leather jackets and boots and get ready for the surf. We are honoured to be in their countryfied hillbilly-punk rock and roll style. Please remember to shine your shoes and get ready to dance.

Langi Seli



Oyama is a primordial shoegaze channeler akin to My Bloody Valentine. The band consists of members from; My Sudden Weather Change, My Slumbering Napoleon, We Painted The Walls and Swords of Chaos. Less than a year old and already plowing through a european tour with the album I Wanna in tow. Something big is coming and we can sense the noise heading our way.

Oyama - Shade



The prince in this band is Svavar Pétur Eysteinsson. He and his royal minstrels consisting of thine synth-princess Berglind, Benni Hemm Hemm, Kristján Freyr the drummer, Loji the guitarist and Bjössi the timpanist. Ready to please the peasants and avoid an uprising, do attend this indiepop sensation.

Prinspólo - Tipp Topp



The trio Ylja has raised a lot of attention for its serenading music and celebrated new self titled album. Consisting of Guðný, Bjartey and Smári “Tarfi” they play their own specialized version of bluesy-folk music that is sure to melt every hardened sailor’s heart.

Ylja - Konan Með Sjalið